Giving Unheard Consumers a Voice

Dedicated to advocating for the rights of the vulnerable members of our community

The Unheard Consumers consists of a group of dedicated, passionate and strong willed individuals committed to change.

Our team is driven by the vision of well-spent Government funding and improved living standards for both the elderly and the disadvantaged. Whether this be through the innovation and improvement of technology or improved standards of care, we pride ourselves on the small changes that make a vast difference.

Through the collection of thorough qualitative research, our team collects untainted and unbiased data that is used to improve and increase experience scores across the board.

Lived Experience Research Team

The LET works alongside the Unheard Consumer research centre and the Ageing Consumer Research group to collect qualitative lived experience data from unheard and ageing consumers. This is an independent research group contracted by service providers, researchers, government and other organisations to derive ethical, valid and reliable insights.

Ageing Lifestyle Research Group

The ALR group also works alongside the Unheard Consumers research centre to specifically reveal the lived experience of ageing consumers and their families.

Recent Research Projects

Satisfaction with Disability Services 2020

Covid-19 impacted on the experience of disability services in 2020 with many people frustrated with restricted one-to-one & digital services or the complete removal of the services.

Communicating Mental Health Services 2020

Working with Curtin student groups to derive a community brand to deliver innovative and community focused mental health initiatives within the local community.

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