Lived Experience Team

To reveal the lived experience of under-recognised consumers

Who are the Lived Experience Team?

The Lived Experience Team (LET) is helping Curtin University to provide world class, impactful research by working with industry, policy makers and societal bodies to understand the authentic experience of unheard consumers, their families and other stakeholders. These interviews reveal what matters and why for each consumer, and their authentic experience of the services they consume.


The LET acts as a contracted research group who works independent of the service provider to derive ethical, valid and reliable insights. Independence from the service provider provides reassurance to participants & authenticity of results.


Detailed qualitative insights are provided to service providers in the ‘words of the consumer’ with comparison metrics to track performance between locations/services over time. Monitoring and revisiting consumers each years makes customers feel like they are being recognised and heard to.

What We Do

We have in-depth face to face or phone conversations with consumers to hear their experience of important products and services. We listen as consumers talk about the components of experience that matter,  gather details to describe the core & the nuance of experience and interpret experiences to understand their effect on the consumer within their cultural and ‘lived’ circumstance.

This enables us to reveal the key components of good and bad experiences as prioritised, recalled, described and justified by consumers. It also enables us to derive opportunities for change and improvement on the key components and to assess the effect of experience on the consumer and their worldview.

How we use the data

Drawing this information together allows the research team to derive the core experience and the outcomes of that experience. This is important to inform the design of the core experience and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

The breadth of experience data also allows the team to derive the nuance of the experience as different people from different cultures and situations describe different experiences. This can reveal more specific opportunities within specific target markets.

The lived experience research process (Phenomonology)

To reveal the authentic experience: researchers leave behind bracketing their expectations, listen to participants and probe for examples and evidence, then derive key topics and sentiment for reporting.

The research team collaboratively review the data to decide on the essential experience, components of that experience, nuances of the experience, and overall insights to be communicated.  These are communicated in-vivo to the service provider to encourage complete understanding of the consumers experience and to give insights for service improvement.

Our Projects

AMANA Living -Your Voice 2018 - Current

Interviews with clients and next of kin for at home, residential and community-based services.

Intelife Group - Your Voice 2019 - Current

Data collection, analysis and reporting on the satisfaction of disability services clients and family.

AMANA Living Arts Festival - Social Impact Study 2019

LET interviewed participants of the Arts Program to understand the impact on the participants of their overall wellbeing.

Staff satisfaction and consumer satisfaction 2019

Comparison of staff satisfaction to client satisfaction across Residential Care facilities with a view to link the two together.

Net Promoter Score - Clients Vs Family Members 2020

Review of the content and rationale for word of mouth amongst clients and family of residential and home care services.

Our Project Partners

Our Partners

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