Who Are We?

Dr. Graham Ferguson 

Hi, I am Graham Ferguson and I lead the Unheard Consumer Research Cluster at Curtin University. The cluster seeks to understand the complex experiences and needs of consumers who are largely unheard in the marketplace and then bring these needs to the attention of researchers, students, industry, government and society (at large) to generate change. Understanding unheard consumers is led by the Lived Experience Team (LET) who use in-depth discussions to capture phenomenological experiences and evaluations. And then by the Ageing Lifestyle Research team who interpret, analyse, disseminate and respond to those experiences – with a focus on ageing consumers. My focus is on engaging both academic and non-academic audiences to make an impact for all unheard consumer groups. Within the cluster, I lead the research programs of Consumer Wellbeing, and Lived Experience (Phenomenological) Research. 

Dr. Brian ‘t Hart

Welcome! I am Brian ‘t Hart and I hold a PhD in Marketing from Curtin University, Australia. I also hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a first-class honors in Marketing from Curtin University. I currently work as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Trinity Western University in Canada, BC. My research interests include advertising, branding, technology adoption and ageing consumers. I am most passionate about working together with organizations, and supporting an ecosystem of people-centred innovation, particularly within the ageing consumer sector.

Dr. Saadia Shabnam

Hi! I am Saadia and I’m an early career academic at Curtin University, Perth in Western Australia. My research interests lie in the areas of consumer psychology and behaviour. I am passionate about researching customer lifestages and consumption value, Social connectedness and wellbeing, Leisure and tourism for ageing consumer and diversity and ageing. I look forward to collaborate with organizations and industry bodies for bringing any meaningful changes in the lives of older people. I have published in journals such as the Australian Journal of Information Systems, Tourism Analysis and Journal of Cleaner Production.

Dr. Aziemah Othman- Head of the Lived Experience Team

I am Aziemah Othman, a teaching and research academic at Curtin University. My research interest is in social marketing and consumer behaviour, specifically understanding unheard consumers in the area of informal care. I have been teaching marketing research, among other undergraduate units in hopes to impart my passion for research and its importance in the marketing discipline. I have also been involved in demand-driven research where I analysed markets using social media listening tools. Currently, I manage the lived experience team and have a strong interest in data visualisation. Aside from work, I love to cook and bake! I balance it with exercise and recently have taken a punch at boxing.

LET Team-26

Zelia Hardy- Marketing & Admin, RA

Hello! I’m Zelia. I hold a bachelor’s in Web Media & Marketing and a Master’s in Marketing from Curtin University. I am currently working as a research assistant in the Lived Experience Team and I have the marketing and admin position for the Unheard Consumer Research Team. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information at 0892663875 or at unheardconsumer@curtin.edu.au.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!