The programme of research is flexible to allow the research team to explore the impediments identified and prioritised by ageing consumers. Broadly these have already been distilled to:

Meaning of Life

How the meaning of life changes people age, sense of purpose for ageing self, feeling valued at an older age.

Connectedness and Age

How the nature and choice of social connections changes as people age, increase in feeling of connectedness to overcome isolation. 

Meaning of Independence as People Age

What makes people feel independent, how to empower to increase the feeling of independence.

Application and acceptance of technology

And include elements that enable these of :

  • Recognition of heterogeneity plus inclusiveness
  • Baby Boomers & Transitioning needs 
  • Products, services and technology
  • Cultural and social narratives plus communications
  • Protecting the vulnerable
  • Longevity, people living better for longer
  • Reimagining Australia’s aged care model