Technology Adoption Studies Amongst Ageing Consumers

Our research explores how much more must be done to maximise value-in-use, reduce the level of required knowledge & reduce the risk of failure by providing simpler, more focused, technologies with better support. Our research also explores the role of family members and care staff in initiating adoption and minimising downtime.

Ageing Consumer’s: Finding Meaning And Purpose

In many culture’s ageing consumers have legitimate roles in running the family home, looking after younger children, earning income, and more. But in individualistic, developed nations the allure of retirement and leisure has left these roles much less clear. So how do these ageing consumers find meaning and purpose and become more valued in society?

Ageing Consumers: Difference And Transitions

As consumers age, physically and cognitively, they transition from independent and able to less independent. In these circumstances those with strong community, family, and support connections are able to stay independent much more successfully. It is by recognising the unique, transitioning and varied needs of ageing consumers that this can become more of the norm.

Global Marketing Conference 2020 Paper

Ageing Consumer Research - Experience Of Word Of Mouth Working Paper 2019


”As consumers age they transition from working life and independence to being more reliant on others. A common way to commence this transition is to purchase a place in a lifestyle village. Lifestyle villages represent high investment and high involvement services that are consumed for many years. In this context, word of mouth (WOM) is important for potential new consumers and therefore for the brand—yet the drivers of WOM behaviors amongst existing customers remain unclear. .”

Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2019 Paper


”Older consumers are the fastest growing consumer group in most developed nations yet are often ignored and when addressed are treated as homogenous. This study highlights the importance of older consumers as a consumer group with diverse lifestyles, interests, and physical/cognitive capabilities.”